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PUBG Finnish League Season 5 starts in January 2020! The chance to qualify for Finland’s first PUBG Pro Tournament!

POSTED BY Jere Vanhala 17.12.2019

What better way to end 2019 than with exciting news! The PUBG Finnish League will continue in the second week of January, but this time with a few changes!

Next season, in addition to Finnish teams, also international teams will be seen on the battlefields. In order to keep the league fresh, we have decided to customize the league format properly.

PUBG Finnish League Season 5 will serve as an online qualifier for the Lantrek 2020 PUBG Tournament. In addition, the event will also host a BYOC qualifier, from which the winning team will advance to the Lantrek 2020 PUBG Tournament.

PUBG Finnish League Season 5 lasts a total of five weeks, during which 12 teams advance to Lantrek. In addition, the Season 5 has 5,000€ prize pool, which is shared among the top three teams.

As a result, a total of 13 teams will continue to Lantrek through the qualifiers. In addition, we will be inviting three teams with a direct invitation to the tournament.

Teams ranked among the top eight in the fourth season of the PUBG Finnish League will go straight to the top of the qualifiers. We’ll tell you more about this in the pre-Christmas announcement, covering the new league season format and more specific dates for the upcoming season!