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The first invited team to Lantrek 2020 PUBG Pro is Saunabois!

POSTED BY Jere Vanhala 17.01.2020

We are extremely excited to announce Saunabois as the first invited team to Lantrek 2020 PUBG Pro tournament!

This team will bring real firepower to Finland at the end of February!

Saunabois (previously known as CrowCrowd and Winstrike) is a very consistent team, they have been at the highest level in PUBG Europe League since the first phase!

In PEL Phase 3, they ended up in 5th place and qualified to the PGC 2019! Saunabois is currently looking for a new organization to represent future PUBG events!

Team’s comment:

”We are really excited to be invited to the first PUBG pro lan tournament in Finland. It will be our first lan tournament with our new player jupezik and it is very important preparation going into PGS lan qualifiers in Berlin couple weeks after the Lantrek.”

We are looking forward to seeing how the team will perform in Lantrek 2020 PUBG Pro tournament! Welcome Teme, Mise, NOOKIE and Jupezik!