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The second invited team to Lantrek 2020 PUBG Pro is ENCE!

POSTED BY Jere Vanhala 03.02.2020

Welcome ENCE as the second invitation team for the Lantrek 2020 PUBG Pro Tournament!

ENCE proved to everyone that they were the best team in Europe when they won the first PUBG Europe League in phase 1! Since then the team has played in PEL Phase 2 & 3 where they finished 11th and 15th. At the end of 2019, ENCE made changes to their lineup as they said farewell to their longtime players miikaz and TRYFFELI.

Now that Tiikzu and D1gg3r1 have joined the team, we’re looking forward to seeing how the new lineup will affect their play style and how they will perform at Lantrek 2020 PUBG Pro in February 2020!

Team’s comment:

”We are looking forward at Lantrek 2020, our goal is to place high on the leaderboards, and this is good practice before PGS Qualifiers. Also this is our first LAN event with this new roster so it gives us good preparation for the PGS qualifiers. Our scrims lately has been really good so we have good momentum going into Lantrek 2020. We are really happy that we got invited to Lantrek 2020.”

Welcome Skuijke, Tiikzu, Rustanmar & D1gg3r1! It’s EZ4ENCE time again!’